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This is where you search for all the cool stuff the Archives has to offer. If you're in a hurry, or don't feel like dealing with options, use the quick search. The New button gives you all files added in the past 7 days, and the search box will take nearly any input you'd like to give it: item name, author name, author email, description keywords, and on and on. If the list it gives you is too big (or it doesn't give you any list at all, because the cgi chokes on the size of returned material), you're gonna need to get more specific with the complete search below. Read the Help page for hints, and as always, email if you have trouble.

Quick Search, all files:

The "New" button will give you all files added to the Archives in the past 7 days.

Big Scenarios:

These buttons will give you access to all the large scenarios made to date. Things like Evil and Tempus Irae are classified as Infinity scenarios, in this case.

Complete Search

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For the search fields below, be sure to check the boxes you actually want to search with. Search criteria must match all checked rows.
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 If you know any part of a map's name, fill it in here.
Item Name:
 This field can contain any fragment of the creator's name (e.g. 'Borzz'), or a piece of his email address (e.g. 'carolina'). Wildcards (* . [ ] ) are supported.
Author Name (or email address):
 This box searches the small synopses that accompany each map. Searching it can be useful if you're looking for a particular description. For example, you might try 'incredible' here, or '5D-space'. Again, wildcards are supported.
 Maybe slightly less useful - you search for the actual filename (e.g. 'yourmap.hqx').
 These buttons allow you to narrow down the search to a specific flavor of Marathon. If you don't know what flavor you're looking for, or you want more than one, don't use this criterion.
Marathon Flavor:
Marathon Open Source
Marathon 2 RED
Infinity Aleph One/SDL
Evil Rubicon
Tempus Irae M1A1
 These checkboxes will narrow down the style of map you're searching for. Check all you're interested in. (Some maps are classified strangely, so overcheck.)
Map Type:

Obviously, this applies to maps only.

Small Net Solo Maps
Large Net Novelty Maps
NetPaks Pfhor Style
Modified Bungie  
 If you want to search for files created before or after a certain date, use these boxes. Be sure to check the appropriate button. (If you choose Before or After, simply put the date in the first box. The second box is only for Between searches.)
Date Submitted:
 You can use these boxes to search for specifically-sized files. (For example, solo scenarios tend to be large, so looking for files larger than 500K or so should get you mostly solo maps.) Sizes are all in kilobytes.
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