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Welcome to the Archives at This page is here to provide information beyond what is easily gleaned from the main pages. It's also an opportunity for me to thank the people who helped make this site a (hopefully) cool place to visit.

Several people have wondered what is, and isn't, included on this site. At this point, a very large percentage of the Marathon files made available to the public should be here. Included are:

Because this adds up to a very large number of files (more than 2600 unique items as of July 15, 1999), the only organization that made sense to me was a searchable database. However, this has two main drawbacks: it can be daunting, since many don't know where to start, and if the search engine dies (which happens more frequently than I'd like), nothing is accessible. Eventually, the first drawback will be reduced by preset buttons (an expansion of the current "new" buttons), so that even if you don't know what you're looking for, you can reduce the choices to something reasonable. The second is more problematic... because the database is changing so quickly these days. Suggestions are always welcome.

Another thing that was made clear to me recently was the fact that (even now) there are people who are new to Marathon discovering this site. If you need information on how to use the files available here, you could read the (very outdated, but still relevant) Frequently Asked Questions list, specifically the section on using third-party files. (Infinity files should be treated just as M2 files are.) If you still have questions after reading that, feel free to ask me.

Finally, I'd like to thank the people who have made this site useable. The graphics (as well as a lot of the navigability) are primarily the work of Borzz, who selflessly submitted to an absurd number of requests for changes without so much as a whimper, and each time produced precisely what was asked of him, even if the request was vague. (The number of requests were due to indecision on my part, not any failure on his.) Thanks, Borzz... once again, you made a tough job quite a bit easier! The search script (which I happen to think is pretty damn useful) was almost entirely written by Brad Beck, with a little help from Simon Brownlee and some injudicious hacking by me. Web hosting (and map reviews, and site design advice, and... the list is nearly endless) has been generously provided by Steve Campbell, the creator of the Marathon Midwest HyperArchive (and current maintainer of the Oni site).

As usual, anything good can be attributed to the above people. Anything that goes wrong is my fault. Go ahead, flame me.