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Marathon Shapes

Been to the Maps Page yet? No? Okay, then, here's the scoop. Pages are going up now, unprettyfied, because I thought you folks wanted files more than you wanted eye candy. The files are (mostly) all in place... I'd love to hear about bad links (just mail me), but if you run across entries with little or no explanation, I don't need to hear about it... I already know. (I'm working on 'em.) Meanwhile, search for your stuff below!

These boxes take anything you want to search for... map name, file name, creator (name or email address), a snippet from the description... This may be too general for you. If so, you might want to check out the Shape Search Page... you can be much more specific in what you're looking for.

If you jump to a weird search page, just go back and try again-it's a memory thing.

For the most recent stuff, just hit the "New" buttons!

That said, go get 'em!

  Marathon Style Search It!

Marathon 1


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Search for shapes in any Marathon flavor:


Oh, yeah, and (not many yet, but) Sounds:

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